Scanlaser est le spécialiste des systèmes de guidage sur les engins de Travaux Publics.

Scanlaser offre un service clé en main à tous ses clients: de l'étude à la mise en route du système en passant par la formation et le support technique.


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23 Novembre 2014 | Leica iCON gps sensors: four GNSS constellation and better tracking ...
Leica Geosystems’ GNSS sensors for construction and machine control now support the latest SmartTrack and SmartCheck, including full BeiDou and Galileo support. With this launch, construction companies can make a safe investment in the future-proof iCON gps 80 GNSS receiver and the iCON gps 60 smart antenna. Additionally, the firmware v2.1 provides remote control for iCON telematics, enabling more productive workflows. Also, the new Plug & Play radio functionality for GNSS real-time correction reception allows the input of every key parameter, which increases uptime when moving to a new construction site.   plus